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Fee: $7,770.00

This comprehensive program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the welding process. Includes welding safety, plasma cutting, oxy/fuel cutting, carbon arc gauging, SMAW, GMAW and GTAW process, brazing, fabrication, measuring tools, blue print reading with welding symbol recognition, proper use of shop equipment and hand tools. Proper gas, rod and wire selections for each welding process including proper welding equipment set-up and equipment problem recognition. Welding certifications available. Students are responsible to have clear safety glasses, welding hood, welding jacket or fire retardant welders long sleeve shirt, welding gloves and leather boots.

Modules: Stick Welding, Intermediate Stick Welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding and Advance Topics in Welding

Certifications: SMAW 1" Groove Weld Test, SMAW ASME Section IX B & PV Code Pipe Weld Test.

FCAW A36 1" 3G Groove OR GMAW A36 1" Groove.
GTAW 1/8" 304 2F Fillet Weld Test Stainless Steel OR Aluminum.

Financial assistance & monthly payment plans available for more information contact the Adult Workforce Education Department at 440.357.7542.
Courses in this package
Stick Welding (Module 1) (August 20 - October 2, 2018)
Intermediate Stick Welding (Module 2) (October 3 - November 16, 2018)
MIG Welding (Module 3) (November 26 - January 23, 2019)
TIG Welding (Module 4) (January 24 - March 11, 2019)
Advanced Topics in Welding (Module 5) (March 12 - April 25, 2019)

There are still openings remaining at this time.