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Firefighter I Transition Course

Auburn Career Center, in a partnership with the Ohio Fire Academy is offering the Firefighter 1 Transitition course through a First Come, First Serve Grant Program. Participants, as long as grant monies are available, will receive the Firefighter 1 Transition Course FREE OF CHARGEContact the Adult Workforce Education office at 440.357.7542 to request an application.

Students MUST have the following to enroll into the program:

* Current 36 Hour (Volunteer) Firefighter Card
* Students must pass the Work Keys Exam at Auburn Career Center
* Ohio EMS Certification (any level) or AHA CPR and First Aid Card (AHA courses provided by Auburn Career Center)
* Students must have an NFPA Compliant Physical
* Students must have NFAP Compliant Bunker Gear & SCBA (Rentals available from Auburn Career Center)
* Students must have a copy of Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills and Hazardous Materials Response 4th Edition with Workbook (ISBN: 978-1-284-17218-8 & ISBN 1-2841-7218-X) Books available at bulk price from John D. Preuer & Associates if ordered prior to class start.

Classes are Wednesday 1800 - 2200 and Sundays 0900 - 1730.

Class STARTS 10/28/19 (Monday) with an information session to explain the class requirements and grant funding.

Please contact our office regarding availability of this course: