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Welding Module 5: Advanced Topics in Welding

Fundamentals of welding pipe with the SMAW mode of welding, proper set of welding equipment and tools, proper welding electrode selections, proper pipe joint set up, and proper techniques of welding pipe joints and cover pass' in the flat 1G, horizontal 2G, vertical 3G, overhead 4G, and 6G 45 degree positions. Safety, one 2" pipe certification test comes with this course and others are optional if approved by the instructor for extra testing fees. A 10-Hour OSHA certification is required and will require online work outside of class. Welding instruction will also require online work outside of class. Tools and safety equipment listed are required within the first week of class: clear safety glasses, welding hood (automatic or standard lens), welding jacket or fire retardant welders long sleeve shirt, leather work boots, pants (preferably jeans or fire retardant pants, NO NYLON CLOTHING), full leather welding gloves, chipping hammer, two wire brushes (one large and one small tooth brush size), Welder MIG pliers, and one pair of vise grip pliers or channel lock pliers. Recommendation to bring extra clear protective lenses for welding hood.

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