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Fire Safety Inspector Instructor Training Module

The Ohio Fire and EMS Instructor Training Program contain education standards approved and adopted by the Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services Board.

Fire Safety Inspector Instructor Candidate
* Possess a current fire safety inspector certificate in good standing;
* In the preceding 7 years, have at least 5 years of experience as a certified fire safety inspector;
* Pass instructor knowledge examination at the fire safety inspector level;
* Completion of 40 Hours of Instruction of adult students and basic teaching techniques; and
* Comply with rule OAC 4765-20-6 (A)(6) to (A)(12).

Fire Safety Inspector Instructor Student Contact Hours
Fire Inspector Training Module (4 Hours)
Live Fire Training Awareness Module (4 Hours)
Supervised Teaching (10 Hours)
Instructional Methods Examination (2 Hours)

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